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Drip Coffee

capacity : drip 5 small pack

1 ถุง มี 5 ซองเล็ก ราคา 100 บาท

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     We select the best quality Arabica beans, grind and pack in the high quality filter bag that is ready to serve you with a cup of fresh coffee at instance.  It has been designed to accommodate fresh coffee lovers who demand a coffee that is readyk-to-drink, fast and convenient.  Our drip coffee absolutely got an answer to that.
     The filter bag itself has ears to hang on a glass.  It is as simple as a piece of cake.  All you have to do is pouring the hot water through the bag and let is slowly drip.  Our filter bag is specially created to allow all the essence of coffee to flow through.  We believe that you can be served with a great cup of fresh coffee in less than a minute or so, anytime, anywhere.  So kindly let GCKOFFEE Drip Coffee does the job!:)

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1.  Tear off to open



2.  Hook on your cup.



3. Slowly pour 60-120 cc hot water around 95OC Into sachet.